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Thread: Put delag in insta games

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    Put delag in insta games

    Hello! I'm from Kazakhstan and i love iFT and iCTF. And wana play clanbase matches
    But i have terrible ping in europe.
    Why u can't make delag like NoGhost or Exessive Plus??

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    I'm used to play instaFT on Singapore servers with 320ms ping, and I can confirm that it's nothing but pure random luck if I hit anything there. Quakelive has some sort of unlagged netcode, but it only performs best below 80ms and also it's not really working above 150-160ms, but competitive gaming is not possible with that kind of ping anyway.

    I wish there could be some way to make fun gameplay possible for you, but I'm afraid that you are just too far away from every server location.
    Perhaps the servers in Moscow would be your best bet. Maybe you can get a reasonable ping there with a VPN (if you can afford or get one from a friend). Add me, I know somebody who plays from 100km east to Moscow with a VPN and he has 60-ish ping on German servers. I'm not saying that he can or want to share any info about this with you, but a question about it couldn't hurt much, me thinks.

    I have no idea if id software has any plans to start servers in your area or not, maybe you can email them or perhaps somebody from id will reply to this thread.

    Good luck out there.
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