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Thread: Spanish players in Spanish Servers?

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    Spanish players in Spanish Servers?

    Hmm its been a while since I cant find players there...I mean when i make the custum server search, all are empty, except few duels.

    What about spanish ca players? are they gone or quake live started to have less ppl playing? its even hard to find full servers in other countrys....

    I have realy bad ping in other servers Germany, Netherlands around 100, its hard for me to play with such ping vs oponents who have got ping 30... + LG...

    I'd like to add someone who is from Spain or who plays CA or TDM, what ever, I just want to play withsome one in Spanish servers with a 60 ping =) thx.

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    Es una pena, los servidores latinos tienen mucha gente, pero los europeos españoles, no creo. Por aquí en latinoamérica no es tan fácil comprar juegos originales con online, son muy caros, por eso los free online se juegan mucho. Como este quake o team fortress 2. Por eso capaz allá no tenés tantos jugadores españoles europeos, están en otra cosa.

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    There are plenty of CA games on Spanish servers, except in the mornings. You just need to build up your friend network.. add me if you like

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