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    Infected Strategy

    I wanted to open up this thread to discuss various strategies one can take for Infected (Personally, IMO CA weaponset works much better than only shotgun and provides for a more entertaining game, so I consider standard infected to be my own... This is combined with the fact that I am the only one to even spawn servers anymore...)....

    Anyways, it is misunderstood as a mod, and also there is much name-calling for teamshooting and camping, which I encourage... However, even though it is a camper's game, doesn't mean that it can't be skillfull... Anyone who denies that it is skillfull can just play this demo, and their minds will be changed...

    I would like to open up discussion on strategy in this mod, which I have been keeping alive... Share your spots and ways to fool the Mastermind, as well as strategies that can be used to help gather points (people always forget that points is what determines the win, not aimlessly trying to kill a camper with a flawed method and losing 10 points just to get the camper... Meanwhile Mastermind is sitting idly by watching)

    Each map has different strategies, so some tips won't work on any maps but one, even though some strategies are for every map...

    Being an ace at finding such flaws with Mastermind that cause the strategy to butterfly (how beautiful)... I will make a big post later listing all the ones I know..
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