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    Quote Originally Posted by greifocs View Post
    Im mad. About the fact that I paid for a service of a remake of a game I already bought. Before Quake Live, we still had free low ping servers of Quake3. With Quake Live, we had servers, maybe. And the lag was variable. That poor service is what I ask for.
    So you're upset with yourself? Not sure how I follow that this is id's fault.

    Quote Originally Posted by greifocs View Post
    I was forced to move to pro since every skilled player stays in those servers, and in those therms i decided to pay for a service.
    You were forced? Sorry, but you chose to purchase a pro subscription; nobody was holding a gun to your head (metaphorically speaking). If all of the "skilled" players were in those servers, you could have simply asked for invites into the server, without the need to purchase.

    Quote Originally Posted by greifocs View Post
    A service that is forced by ID to be payed in advance a full year ( their sole desition of design ). If im forced to pay, they should be equally forced to provide that service. If they are willing to pull that service away they should be willing to give me the couple of bucks for the months i wont use, because, dear god, they didnt make that service available.
    While in the beginning you were obliged to pay for a full year in advance (no longer true), you were aware of these conditions, so you can't come back now and complain about it, as you willingly agreed to do so. They are providing a service; nowhere does it say that id software is obliged to provide servers located conveniently for everyone who subscribes. You can still play on a variety of other servers in other locations; so the service is still available.

    Quote Originally Posted by greifocs View Post
    On top of that, is the terrible managment of this issue. In 1 month and a half, 3 posts. "We are aware of the problem" silence, "They are moving the servers" " and finally "NO MORE SERVERS".
    As has been stated in numerous threads and numerous times, the servers aren't owned by id software, but rather by third parties. They have no control on what these hosts decide to do. They only know the information that is provided to them by the third parties. Hence, id only has information to provide, when these third parties choose to provide such information to them.

    Quote Originally Posted by greifocs View Post
    This is neither satisfactory or coherent. If you dont have answers, if the future is uncertain, you say so when itīs the case. The way you decided to handle this only agravated things. So unprofessional, so secretive towards your fans.
    They have relayed the information as it was available. This is the very reason that the server locations were removed, because they are unsure when or if they are going to return. There hasn't been anything secretive about this whatsoever.

    Quote Originally Posted by greifocs View Post
    Wont, give, money, to ID, never again.

    Yep, you just lost money, since next game im oughta buy outweights the amount they should give me.

    GG ID POLICY! You just lost a customer.
    For the record, it's id, not ID. Furthermore, since it's unclear to me, what corporate policy are you speaking of? You seem to be jumping all over the place without making a coherent argument backed up with actual facts. Sorry you're choosing not to resubscribe, but judging by how you seem to already have been harbouring regrets for subscribing in the first place, based on your choice of language, prior to the removal of the servers, I'm guessing you did not intend to resubscribe anyways, so id already wasn't going to get your money.
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