I can understand, although I paid my premium subscription to ID Software, it's NRG's fault and not ID's fault, and I should be patient since I have other arenas where I can play and that is all ID committed and promised to have in place. And I understand NRG is moving their datacenter and that is not an easy job to do and blahblahblah. But, I think NRG should provide -and ID should require it to NRG and let us know- a schedule indicating when the system is supposed to be restored and running properly. We are extremely anxious and anxiety is due, in this case, to ignorance. If NRG fails to provide a schedule, maybe you ID Software should think about finding another more professional provider. If ID fails to let us paid members and other know when the system is gonna be back, maybe we players should think about finding another more visible system/game to subscribe and another more respectful software company to follow.