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Thread: Skill rating system in ctf D:

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    Well said Doc. I was going to make the point that CTF isn't FFA with Flags (which is often how it's played in NA). Having the most frags doesn't win the game. I suck at CTF and tend to play the same way. I may work in some good Ds or even a flag run at some point, but fall back to just chasing enemies. The result? Highest score on the losing team (e.g. from yesterday: http://www.quakelive.com/#!profile/m...9031fd90/ctf/1). Eventually I may lrn 2 ctf, until then, I apologize to those who get shuffled on my team.

    There's way more to CTF than controlling mid for your team to win, and the scoring system reflects that. Just 1 point per frag, but may more for D and killing EFC.

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    I didn't check the match that you listed, but someone earlier mentioned that you played a TDM-like gamestyle. This is all well and good in CTF...ONLY if you're doing more than just camping mid and killing people. If your offense is pushing in and needs help you should leave mid and go escort for the FC. This will benefit the team more than waiting at mid and killing enemies. The same applies for defending the FC or assisting your defense. I myself tend to play a heavy TDM-like CTF game in pubs and often times do the most damage in the game while still playing objectively. (Feel free to check my CTF match history to confirm this)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jolteon View Post
    I really hate it how skill rating is calculated off points/per unit of time, especially in ctf.
    I play the role of a mid-fielder, and the nature of that role is usually very low-scoring. I play in tier 4 games as mid-fielder, but I am tier 2 because of the abysmal score.
    Think about it and tell me, do you really have a problem with that? Because I always play on attack and the result (capping flags, essentially) pushes me to 1st or 2nd place of the scoreboard 90% of the time. I'm nowhere near pro level, and yet my skillrating gets inflated quickly despite not playing a lot of matches.
    The fun part comes when there's a pub with some decent players who don't pubfarm a lot (or who stick to playing mid like you do) BUT also a few newbies. God forgive them if someone calls a shuffle. Because in this situation, I will ALWAYS get the newbies. If I'm lucky, there is one guy who knows how to play but somehow has low rating, and he will help me. If not, it's solo CTF.

    Now your situation, I don't see a problem with that... you can always join higher tier matches, right? And if you do play your position right, noone's gonna complain (except whiners, but they usually don't manage to kick anyone anyway).

    /edit, read the thread
    Doc is right ofc
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