Hey I just recently got a pro subscription to create servers with PQL settings since I've always loved promode physics (specially for defrag :P). So I started my lil new PQL server and the first thing I tried was a plasma gazboost/groundboost (I know many quake live players are not familiar with it but if you play defrag you'll understand) and found out it wasn't possible at all :/ So I went on to this big chistmas icy map to try slicking to see what was going on and found out that slicking was all dumbed down to vq3-like physics! you don't get the fast accels on sharp turns you used to get on promode, you can't even turn on ice at all, and the starting accel seems way too slow. I know you probably did this to avoid gaz-boosts, but hey, they're our custom servers, please give us an option for promode slicking running around with promode physics and suddenly hitting ice and getting changed to vq3 feels just too unnatural! and gazboosts are 0s0m! (they make plasma guns way more useful :P)

PS: Is there any setting to turn overbounces (pmove_fixed) on? if not it would be cool if we had an option for it too