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Thread: www.quakeliveleague is gone who..

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    www.quakeliveleague is gone who..

    We need the community to come together and revamp the site up.. With the matches suppose to start by this weekend the admins of the ladder suddenly pulled the plug.. We are need of a host and a web designer. the brackets can be remade and the teams can just submit their rosters again. Any body????

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    [22:23:41] <TheCrow_> hello?
    [22:23:49] <TheCrow_> Gawd what a disaster
    [22:24:05] <TheCrow_> I'm sorry guys, its over. Its all over.

    Try regrouping to this other league system which is under construction : http://worldgamersarena.com/

    (holidays are a bad time to start anything anyway IMO)
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