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Thread: Do i need a mousepad?

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    Senior Member Ikaruga is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by eduguy View Post
    Does not say any info around sensor
    nothing on the bottom? brand, model, nothing?

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    Junior Member _entryway_ is on a distinguished road
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    1200 DPI @ sens 9? Okay dude, you don`t need a pad.

    even at 400 dpi @ sens 9 your aim would suck :P

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    If you're smooth, consistent, and have good control, go for thinner, smoother pad.

    If you're twitchy, not smooth, and not consistent (like me) a thicker, rougher pad can help (cloth pad)

    It requires more force to move the mouse but in some cases I actually prefer that because it negates unintentional movements and doesn't register slight irregularities quite as much.

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    Junior Member iSiicKnEsS is on a distinguished road
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    I don't use a pad not needed here

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    Senior Member eduguy is an unknown quantity at this point
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    I think I might get a mousepad. Thanks for all the help guys

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