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Thread: Setting to decrease team knockback

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    Setting to decrease team knockback

    I know a lot of people have raged over playing infected and getting knocked off by their teammate so you would lose points. If you could decrease the amount of knockback you can receive from teammates, Red Rover - or more accurately, infected - would be a whole lot more fun.

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    Senior Member Dr_Mr_Ed will become famous soon enough Dr_Mr_Ed's Avatar
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    F2. It would just end up being more campy if you can't knock the other guys off.

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    Mexican, the whole point of infected is a "fighting for the spot" kinda routine.... You should, of all people, have not suggested this, as you should know this because you are very good at fighting for the spot... Without this, it would be incredibly dull, with more ragers... Anyways, these ragers you speak of, they aren't intelligent enough to see the point of the mod.

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