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Thread: Is There a Newbie Clan?

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    Senior Member DocPossible is a jewel in the rough DocPossible is a jewel in the rough DocPossible is a jewel in the rough DocPossible's Avatar
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    If you're in the EU, Chill and drunk are full of noobs You'll be welcome in either. There's a good range of skills in both clans so people will be able to help you improve if you want to.

    Drop by irc (see my sig) or check out the clan recruitment board.
    Like to play more Freeze Tag ? Join Clan Chill. We play Freeze Tag most evenings, 7:30pm UK time onwards, with a smattering of TDM, CTF and a regular duel cup. Check our website. IRC : #clanchill on quakenet

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    Their point is that you will automatically improve if you get a 120hz screen, good mouse (and others related), good graphics card configuration and a decent quake cfg.
    Add to that that someone teaches you how to play for a couple of hours and then you'll be twice as good as you are today. Quake is not "difficult", just cryptic.

    Then you think it in terms of food or alcohol and the plan is finished.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lolzy View Post
    Real, true CA is a game of chess

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    Noob2012 -- I appreciate your quest here, however I feel the need to point out that you are already Tier 4 in FFA. While you consider yourself casual and noobish (especially against the ranks of 10+ year players in FFA), you also show some level of innate ability in this game. At least enough to get to T4 FFA and LG at 20%.

    The point I'm trying to make is that against "real" noob and beginner players, you will own them left and right. Any players with a hundred or more games and still in T2 won't stand a chance against you. If you manage to pull together a true noob clan, keep in mind that for those guys (who never see T4 players in a match), it probably won't be much fun.

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    I dunno, i found t3 ffa to be extremely easy. (i was bumped up after 2 games the first day i played, though im not sure how.) In t4 games, there is always some guy going 50-10 who manages to control the RA, LG, and quad the whole game, while im trying to just learn the map, and where the useful items spawn (nevermind trying to time the quad, i dont even know where it spawns on 75% of the maps). Usually i end up dying over and over, and getting frustrated.

    So here is my issue. Im too good for t3 ffa, im assuming because i can aim a little, and most people dont seem to pay attention to their sounds and just hop stupidly around advertising where they are to everyone. But pitted against guys who have years of map knowledge, and can time items, ive got no chance. So what do i do? I play 1 game of t3 ffa, then im back in t4, where ive got to spend 10-15 games getting destroyed to fall back down to t3. Then its one game and back up for another bunch of games getting demolished.

    The tier system doesnt work in NA, im guessing because there arent enough players outside of CA for the rating system to differentiate the skills or lack thereof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noob2012 View Post
    Thanks for expressing your enthusiasm, but I do not share your same view. My enthusiasm and energy goes to chicks, drinking and parties Here is a list of what I disagree with your comment.

    1. I play for fun and fun is subjective. You do not define what fun is for someone else.

    2. Where did you get the implication that I was looking down on myself? Stating one's ability is not self disparaging.

    3. Not everyone is enthusiastic and a zealot towards video games as you are so there is no selling oneself short of, especially a video game.

    4. Everyone has a certain amount of potential, but face the facts, everyone has limits. Otherwise, we'd all be Hugh Hefner.

    Again, your enthusiasm is apparent and appreciated, but your response is way off topic with these philosophical views that is addressed towards a casual gamer.
    Sorry, didn't realize you were a casual gamer. I said you were down on yourself because you said you have been playing since Q3 and you were still a noob, most people i know only say that because of frusteration. Guess i looked too much into what you said because of past players i know. As for me being zealous about games? not so much. I don't have a passion for games, but my goal is to be good at the games i do play because i hate respawning. I still rather hang with friends and stuff then play a game all day, but i'm most likely going to be gaming the rest of my life anyway, unless i can get another high paying job.

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