The holidays seem to creep earlier every year. QUAKE LIVE is jumping on the bandwagon by launching our holiday matches earlier than ever. Skip the maddening holiday music, crowded malls, and hectic travelling plans, and return to Winter's Edge and Silent Night.
  • Winter's Edge:
Making its third appearance as our annual Holiday Arena is the perennial favorite, Winter's Edge. A port of Quake II's The Edge, which last week saw it's 15th year passing since release, this year we are allowing the ability to play this arena across all supported gamemodes. Along with The Edge, also return the tree of lights in the center! Winter's Edge will be to available for a limited time in the standard map pool, and in on our Holiday Servers in both FreezeTag and InstaFreeze variations.
  • Silent Night:
Making it's fourth appearance is the terrain-based CTF arena, Silent Night. Otherwise known as Distant Screams, Silent Night is a fast-paced map taking place in a nameless tundra. Bases are peppered with (my personal favorite) jetpack style Flight powerup, along with the self-damage reducing Scout rune. Combine the two, and a bit of skill, and you're able to achieve breakneck speed. There's not much else to say about Silent Night, just hop on and play!
Game Changes:
  • Fixed server command flooding that possible when end-map voting is disabled, which would result in clients being dropped / disconnected.
  • Fixed incorrect starting health bonus when callvoting to and from PQL (in gametypes where the QL ruleset should have no health bonus, like CA).
  • Increased the maximum engine message length to reduce the occurance of Bad Command Byte errors in large matches.
  • Fixed picmip issues with: santa/sport, razor/blue (head), razor/red (head), razor/sport_red (head), james/red (head) player skins.

Map Changes:
  • Fluorescent
    • Removed the nodrop in the water, flags will no longer auto-return when dropped into the water.
    • Fixed the nonsolid water at railgun, replaced it with a functional but more shallow pool of water.
    • Added/improved some clipping to the Medkit water tunnels.
  • Limbus
    • Misc texture fixes.
    • Set all models to lightmapped for improved lighting.
    • Fixed visible caulk at the Red Armor jumppad.
    • Removed raised trim at upper yellow armor platform.
    • Swapped Railgun window for door.
    • Placed window at Railgun / quad ledge.
    • Added extra detail at Red Armor jumppad ceiling.
    • Tweaked Railgun / Quad ledge area detailing.
    • Tweaked Shotgun 'hop-up' ledge area clipping.
    • Fixed Shotgun / Red Armor jumppad not being cushioned at the back.
  • Silence
    • Fixed the clipping error near the Red Armor walls.
  • Sinister
    • Fixed a clipping error in the Red Armor room.