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Thread: Fix the Ping - NOT!

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    Fix the Ping - NOT!

    Today, after months of seeing my ping to the Seattle servers in the high 70s and worse, my ping miraculously was back to 46-48 - where it consistently used to be prior to the "big ping crash" of earlier this year. Lots of other people had the same problem.

    I knew right away something was different today: There's a crispness and responsiveness that a sub-50 ping delivers.

    Is anyone else out there experiencing a ping speedup? I don't know if the QL people are doing anything different, or if it's my ISP, but I hope it lasts. Joy. Joy.
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    Posting ping fluctuations in a 'QLive' forum will likely do you no good. ID has no control of your ping, more specifically, your routing. Your routing likely changed which is an issue you should discuss with your ISP.

    If you don't have any luck with your ISP (probably won't), then look into a game proxy service such as, fixmylag.com, or wtfast.com. These services typically alter your routing to a more advantageous route to game servers, thus, lowering your ping. Doesn't work for everyone, but worth a shot.

    Also, run a tracert on the server you are experiencing an increased ping. This will tell you everything you need to know, but ultimately, not really solve anything.

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    It's a routing issue in general, like c3 has iterated. Take it up with the likes of Comcast, level3, etc.

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