To add my own 2 cents, give it time, Space CTF is so OVERPLAYED, I rather enjoy not seeing it vote called over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. ID is listening and adding premum maps which is often lamented as lackof contact *whine*. But there is a trade off, Personally I wish the whole map pool rotation had happened earlier in QL, it's been a while so Scornforge will be like playing a new map. As a pro player, I think ID is doing a bang up job in rotating through maps and game types to give pople a little "taste" of what subscriptions are like, I really enjoyed the month where Quakelive had the freeze tag month, so the game is going through a downturn in activity in certain game types, life goes on spawn a server, I have been spawning servers and been having fun matches with the standard map pool, no one screaming or trolling.