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Thread: config question: bind a bind

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    config question: bind a bind

    hello everyone! i want to bind +zoom on a different button when i switch to rail then it usually is bound on and also want to have a different zoomfov.

    eg: bind r "weapon 7; bind mouse2 +zoom; cg_zoomfov 70"

    but it doesnt work this way because ofc ql thinks cg_zoomfov is a new cmd. so i have the zoomfov but it is not bound on mouse2 which it must be to make it work out for me... anyone has an idea?


    edit: i found a way. but its not every elegant... i wrote zoom.cfg with only this in it: bind mouse2 "+zoom; cg_zoomfov 70" and than i put bind r "weapon 7; exec zoom.cfg" in my qlcfg... so i have to execute a cfg each time i switch to rail.. if anyone knows a "slim" way to do this, it would be great.
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