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Thread: Tokens !?!?!?!

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    Tokens !?!?!?!

    Be nice if we had tokens that could be used on a standard map. Cheaper the better!!! Rather than a Dollar make them 25cents. When your on a standard server playing your crappy tiny map pool of repetitive crap. A player can spend a token on the standard sever and pick a premium map for the next map. If someone on the server doesn't like that map another player can spend 2 or more tokens to have their map selection take over. Yeah sounds like a possible programming nightmare. Tired of being a pro member playing mostly standard content because not everyone will or for what ever reason hasn't payed for pro-mium for what ever reason.

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    "Cheaper the better"
    QL can't handle microtransaction.

    Won't work.

    (Also, I'd F2 because the idea is kind of useless. Just spawn a Pro server and invite people. It's not that hard.)

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