There is a comprehensive rundown of the QAA maps in the Map Request thread, Here's a rundown of the other console-exclusive maps:

Gaze Of The Abyss. A small-medium vertical spiral-shaped map with some fast, tight gameplay. Also plenty of room for the billboards
Blast Radius. QL's CTF maps tend to be pretty sprawling and this map is perfect for smaller matchups.

Final Resting Place. The map shown in the second vid I posted. Obviously lose the shield generators and forcefields, and it's filled with the heavy weapons, but then QL isn't averse to switching up the item placement.
The Keeper. A medium-sized gothic-styled map of corridors surrounding a central courtyard. One of the more open PS2 maps.
Asylum. The name can be worked on, but TBH this map is probably a bit too simple overall.

Also worth noting is that the PS2 features a couple of stages consisting of a series of Rocket Arena-style mini-maps, Hero's Odyssey (featured in the first vid) and Arenas Of Pain. Only a few of the individual arenas are selectable in multiplayer, so they don't all have names but the best of these is by far House Of Spires. It's similar to Fatal Instinct (without the fog) but it tosses in a couple of Team Arena items. In fact, all of the PS2 maps I've mentioned here (bar Asylum) feature TA stuff (usually the Chaingun).