Hey everyone =)
F3! (Ready up!) is a clan that I founded a while ago. We have just over a dozen members, all fun people. (By fun I mean that they aren't morons that just come here to piss people off.) We're looking for people that are online frequently: 4 days a week at least. We play together for fun in Europe & Singapore servers =) That being said we are a global clan that will engage in a couple of FRIENDLY Clan Wars with other clans but nothing serious. Although we are looking for people that are either Tier 3 or 4 in CA and CTF &/or Tier 3 in TDM. That is only because the whole purpose of expanding the clan becomes pointless if we are of too high skill to join =)
(If you've seen this and decided to go to my profile to check out my stats then FU! I don't need to qualify to be in my own clan :P)

Everyone is welcome just so long as you genuinely want to get to know a bunch of cool people and play the game =)

If you're interested add me -
& Whenever you see me online (which is often) let me know you want to try out

Thanks for your time and interest!