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Thread: BFG Projectile gravity is broken.

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    BFG Projectile gravity is broken.

    Try starting a match with BFG projectile gravity. it obviously doesn't work. it is the same as a normal one.

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    The BFG is counting as a rocket launcher in Start-A-Match for the projectile gravity.

    To replicate:
    Start a server with just BFG projectile gravity. You'll notice that BFG is acting normal.
    Then start a server with both BFG and RL projectile gravity. You'll see the BFG is arching because of the gravity.
    Then, when you start one with RL-only having projectile gravity, you'll still have the BFG arching from gravity.

    (From a command point of view)
    weapon_gravity_bfg does nothing to BFG
    However, weapon_gravity_rl does.

    (I also mentioned it to sponge and we're checking it out at the moment
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