The game in FFA and CA, the two I play mostly, have been dull the past few months.. Why, I ask myself? What is the point in such hectic modes, a need for one player to camp in the doorway or in the weapon spawn place spamming with grenades/plasma/rail/rockets/lg or even gauntlet (asylum top+quad+gaunt or longest yard rail/rocket + quad on top platform anyone?)? Points? Is this what this game has been reduced to? Where is the fun for the rest of the players there?

- My proposition for these modes, and especially FFA to are penalty seconds. there should be a rule or two like thees one's: If a player camps on a spawn-point for a weapon/quad or stays within a proximity of a certain "hotspot" that guarantees that many players just pile right through (small corridors or small empty rooms below a bridge with weapon spawns) and spams the incoming players, should receive penalty seconds of not being able to shoot weapons with the message and countdown for the penalty flashing on his/hers screen in the middle where the cursor should be. Or at least they aren't allowed firing anything except machine-gun. If a player persists on camping, rapid HP draining should suffice. If they persist, kick from the server. If the penalties pile up, a Ban for a few hours.

Of course this proposition has one issue (CA), where a player is cornered in a place and he has to defend himself while being spammed from all directions. but then again if the incoming players spam on the player, they receive the penalty also so the player can run away from the hotspot.

This method doesn't have to be included instantly, there should first be a couple test servers first.