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Thread: Matching Quake Sensitivity to Source Games

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    Matching Quake Sensitivity to Source Games

    Hello my name is Ozzy and I am new to Quake Live. I have been playing the game for about a week now and I think it is incredible! There is only one problem. I play a lot of CS 1.6 and TF2 and my sensitivity does not feel the same on quake.
    Here is my equipment information:
    Mouse: Razer Deathadder
    Pad: Steelseries QcK
    DPI: 400
    In game sens: 3.5
    In/360: 12 (roughly)

    Does anyone know how to match the sensitivities for Quake to that of Source games?
    Any help is appreciated and I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section.
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