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Thread: Should i jump/strafe jump while fighting?

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    Should i jump/strafe jump while fighting?

    or just strafe? some guides say its bad to jump while shooting and fighting. but i see many players doing spam jumping sametime they shooting.

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    It depends on the situation and what weapons are involved in the fight.

    For LG to LG jumping is suicide.

    RL to RL a jump can help you dodge, although it carries a risk due to the momentary lack of mobility. It is also dangerous when you cannot risk being flung somewhere, such as off a cliff, or to an area of the map in which it will take you too long to make it back before your teammates are in trouble.

    RG to RG, jumping can only be forgiven if you make your shot with it, otherwise it makes it easier for your opponent to aim their shot again due to lack of mobility.

    If you must jump, make it a fast strafe jump. The faster you move (within a reasonably small space) the more difficult it is for the opponent to plan their shot.

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    Speed is your friend in QL. Fast strafe jumps can help you get into and out of a fight at times of your choosing. Once you are committed though, you have to be very situational about your jumps.

    If your opponent has RL at close range, strafe jumps and circle jumps can help you reduce damage and get into better fire position. The slightly elevated position as you are jumping can = also help you get better splash from your own rockets. However, you have to be careful about how you time your jumps relative to his firing. Whether you jump or not, you should make sure to move forward and back as well as side to side when you are dodging or fighting. This will make it much more difficult to hit you with rockets.

    If your opponent is shooting Rail, you can try to close the distance as he reloads by strafe jumping towards him. Again, though, you have to time your jumps to his shots.

    If you are using RG and having problems with hit detection, some times standing still (like shooting an AWP in CS) or jumping before you shoot can help.

    If he has an LG, you should never jump unless you are trying to move behind an obstacle away from his position. You can also jump and let his LG push you away from him (eg if you are running away from a defender in CTF). However, you will take a lot of damage in the process, so it's a judgement call.
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