why is Quake Live so expensive? I already bought once a 1 Year Premium, and now i want to go PRO because wanna play again with some friends, but then the game costed already 70usd, i mean cant i JUST BUY the game and i have it forever? Like a normal Game, the good old Quake 3. This costs hundrets of dollars just to pla yit for a longer time.... I mean the game is from late 90s and costs mor then any other game.

When can we get prices that actually would fit for this game?

Pleas elet me know i wanna buy it... but not going to buy another 50usd for a year and the year after another 50usd ***! totally rip off, you cant even pay per month subscription like normal games do. This so f*cked up... If i pay so much then it should not be a subcription.