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Thread: Should i learn jump with mouse?

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    i've used space for ages now and i feel very comfortable with it. I think the biggest advantage using m2 is easier double/chain/stair jumps.

    For me it would be too much of a hassle learning something else. But if i'd start over, i'd probably use a keyboard key for shooting and m2 for jumping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luj1 View Post
    Most people use m2. I used mwheeldown for jump in CS and after in q3 also. I've tried m2 but it was messing with my aim.
    I've used spacebar for everygame i've ever played, so i guess it would be kinda hard to get used to Mouse2 (normally my zoom, but now zoom=spacebar). I've never thought about using a different key for jump, mostly because i'm so used to spacebar, it's become an automatic habbit.

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    jumping with spacebar since the beginning, I just can't get used to m2 jumping and prefer to bind zoom to it.

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