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    120hz Monitor Recommendation

    Hi everyone..I've been doing some research to buy a new monitor but i have a bunch of questions and would like some recommendations..

    Ok first of all I'm trying to get a new monitor that is specially good for quake but i need to be able to connect a ps3 to it too if i need to..colors and picture quality is also somewhat important to me because i do some digital painting and 3ding for i want the monitor to be specially good for quake but also decent enough for other things..I also don't want to spend too much on it...i want a 22-24" monitor around $200 or $300 the most..

    This is the monitor i have right now (Samsung T240HD) and after years struggling with annoying lag i realized maybe it's not my connection and it's probably my dam monitor..

    I started doing some research to figure out what's causing the lag and it seems like the monitor i have right now has a lot to do with it because i started using an old 85hz crt monitor few days ago and there was defiantly a BIG's much smoother and it's much easier to aim and shot on 60hz 5ms monitor seemed to have this delay and "choppiness" that made it very frustrating playing QL..there were times when it's alright but it's very rare now..i'm guessing that have to do with my connection and ping too but right now I'm already shooting much better on an old crt so my lcd monitor was obviously adding to the lag to the point of frustration..(I have Fios btw which should be good enough)

    Anyways, so i'm planning to buy a new monitor now and like i said i need to be able to use it for things other than quake so i don't want to use a crt monitor...i want to get a new lcd monitor but i'm still confused about few here are my questions:

    1) I want to know what really makes a difference in a monitor for online gaming specially it the response time, the input lag or the refresh rate..which one really matters the the 120hz really worth it because it will make things much smoother or is it the response time and input lag that really matters?...i found some really good monitors for good prices that have low response time AND low input lag (which from i understand are 2 different things)..

    This Dell S2330MX is supposed to have a low response time and really low input lag that was recommended by someone online:

    The ASUS VH236H..another good monitor with low response time and low input lag:

    2) So my other question is are those monitors good enough for Quake or the 120hz really makes a BIG difference as well

    Here are the 120hz monitors i found that i'm also considering:

    This Acer GD235HZbid seems like the perfect's small, 120hz, 2ms and cheap:

    But the problem is that i read some reviews on it and some people were saying it has bad input lag and isn't really that good for games like quake

    This Samsung S23A700D is the one i like the most but it's a bit expensive for me:

    The Samsung S23A750D..a little cheaper and could be the best option for me:

    The only problem is that the 120hz is only available when using DislayPort (which i have no clue what that

    Will Displayport work with my card or i need a new video card..this is the one i have right now:

    Alright..thanks for reading and please let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations or know any other good monitors on sale for black friday..
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