I go away for a year and come back to people telling me I can't duel anymore unless I have prem, I can't even play decent CA maps anymore without prem, most of my dueling partners have stopped playing, most of the CA crowd have stopped playing. What the hell man?

I wouldn't be oppossed to buying prem again if I felt like I was getting my moneys worth, but $50 for a years subscription to a game based on a decade+ old game engine with a dying community which has been forced into the business model of 'make the free offering as **** as possible to force people into giving us money' because of probably the worst decision making a high end gaming company has ever made.

ID must be kicking themselves in the nuts. They have this fantastic game design that has lasted through the ages with a name as popular and well known as Quake and failed to make any real profit in the last few years and are now forcing people into paying for something they had years ago by removing so much of the game in the free version. If the only way to make a profit in your company is to make other things you have **** on purpose, you have failed, you have failed hardcore because it guarantees no future growth now that you have alienated new players completely.

ID treats quake like a zealot fighting 3 stalkers, you know the zealot is dead, it has no chance so the only thing to do is to send it after the weakest stalker and hope the guy isn't paying attention.

Let me tell you ID how to get back into the business. Take quake pretty much exactly like it is now, throw it in some fancy as **** new engine with super duper lights and ****, add in a new gun to make things a touch more interesting, but not something as dumb as that nail or mine whatever gun or those other stupid guns no one cares about. Add in something that has a place and a purpose. Look at UT for inspiration because you clearly have no ****ing inspiration of your own. Throw in an XP system to reward players with progression like any popular game these days and then throw in a matchmaking system as good as Blizzards or LoL/hon or whatever on top of dedicated server supprt. Throw in mod tools, Call it quake 5 and be proud to be ID again.