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Thread: *FTB! looking to add 3 strong players

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    Junior Member PowDer_Burns is on a distinguished road
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    *FTB! looking to add 3 strong players

    *FTB! is currently recruiting. looking for dedicated CA players who are ready to practice and scrim on a regular basis. We are a CA North American clan looking to be competitive and respected. Recruits will be asked to practice and possibly scrim with us before issuing tag. This will tell us if you are a good fit. Chemistry is everything to a successful clan. I am PowDer_Burns add me or you can email [email protected] http://clannations.xippy.co.uk/index.php?page=0

    thank you
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    Member Blaz1nDr0sKii is on a distinguished road
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    BUMP! we still looking for a few strong NA players any takers?

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    Junior Member pernicious is on a distinguished road
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    FTB looking for good player's ??

    you have a member julz... something or other, when he uses "his" hack's maybe have him use an alias so your clan don't look like punk's, I think 2-3 vid's where sent in, myself I wanted to jump in and play for an hour or so, but so obvious and really what brings this game down is "player's... well" ****'s like him, and you know it reflect's on your whole clan.
    I have not played much recently but 10 + years ago I was in a clan, I really have fun playing the game , testing myself with other players, and ya you run into some Damn good shooter's then there is Your clan member, playing a game of skill and applying a computer program to basically play it for him ... man that is just sad, and always been the problem with this game especially. Good-night Clan FTB

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    Junior Member Birtha is on a distinguished road
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    well still actual?? i played for hmm 4 years ql..Depends what you need..My email:[email protected]

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    Junior Member WaxFangMajestic is on a distinguished road
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    I would llike to join

    Ive had 2 profiles on quake live but i lost them, I've played a **** load of css, quake 3, and Battlefield 3 i am experienced, Polite, and i do not harass other players.

    Im a dedicated quake player and i Play ALOT of quake i mean like 18 hours of day quake. so if you want to duel me or see my talent i will be more than grateful to show you.

    Player Name: WaxFangMajestic <<<<<<< My new Profile!

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