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Thread: Practice not loading

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    Practice not loading

    Hi everybody!

    I've got a problem with practice: (for example) I take cliffside, FFA, 12 players, I launch the game and after AD waiting there is a screen with the symbol of QL and the only option "quit"(I think the game does not load).

    First time I thought was a map problem: but every map and every modality got this trouble(only exception team deathmatch in beyond reality).

    Thanks for any suggestion ^^

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    Hi there, Wow this is very bizzare! I hope i can help you in someway, im not sure what to really suggest other than; instead of lauching QL using firefox or any web browser, try it using prism. Please post feedback here, let us know how you get on!

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    I've found the solution: map problem! Now I'm downloading the maps, I started with Cliffside, now it works.

    Thank you both!!!! ^^

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