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Thread: How do I teach Noobs?

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    Lol OP why do you even play this? To show off how good you are? Against goddamn newbies?
    Q * ]Q[* Q]|[A * QL
    ...and still playing!
    Remember, if you happen to join our clan, you can be drunk during each and every match in QL and GET AWAY WITH IT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by megaman3 View Post
    In ql the other weapons started to shine.
    Quote Originally Posted by HabeebDaPro View Post
    anywas hope rocket lawnchairs r neffed, becuz they mak me mad n get iolet so no noob can spam nd win like idot

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    Try playing Urban Terror. It's much more n00b friendly and they won't have to deal with a ton of weapons, runes, etc etc.. Plus they have some great CTF maps..
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    Quote Originally Posted by MexicanPadre View Post
    If I started them on straight QL then they'd never play quake again. I mean, it's even worse now since people start at T3. My god, they'd be ripped apart!
    If they're really that bad, it will take them 2 games to find their proper tier.

    Who knows, maybe that will be more fun for them than playing with you? :)

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    Adjust handicap until it's more challenging for you than how it is for them, so you will be the one who will need to improve to win.

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    Yep - use handicap. They'll battle each other at a fairly even level, while you do 10% of the damage. Keeps it entertaining. As they see you strafe around at 600 ups and LG and rail at 60%, eventually they'll realize it'd be fun to be better.

    I've played with HC against my 10 year old son and had a some close competitive duels.

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