I have a couple of serous issues with quakelive in the past couple of weeks, since the last 2-3 updates.

My specs are the following : Intel i5 2500k, MB is ASUS p8h67, 4gb dd3 kingston hyper-X blue, nvidia geforce gts 450, two Phillips 22 inch TFT displays (primary, left on DVI output and secondary, right on VGA (soon on HDMI>DVI)) and among other things Kworld 7134 analog TV card. I run the game in Firefox.

1. The graphics/TV inconvinience under windows. I have 2 monitors on my graphics card, and i tend to sometimes while working/gaming to play the TV on my other screen (watching sports or documentaries), preety neat during wait periods in CA. The thing is that whenever the focus is on the quake window, the tv app freezes video, but plays audio. (I checked with other games/apps, the tv app works fine with other programs).

2. The graphics under Linux. (Ubuntu 12.10 64bit). In windows and in ubuntu I use extended desktop on both screens (menu bar is only displayed on primary screen), but on Linux the game stretches across both monitors, although the firefox window is only in one window. I find this very odd because window snapping works better in ubuntu (on each edge, while in windows it works only on the far edges of the screen, for half-screen window resizing). I don't have other games under ubuntu, cause I use it primarily for web design and learning programming (java/php).

3. The weapon switching. When I have only 2 weapons (I play on german servers because of smallest lag) it happens even that even if it shows in the HUD i have switched weapons, it doesn't actually switch until i press mouse 1 (fire) button. And it is very annoying, since I usually watch for weapon change on my screen (in hand) and not on the HUD.

4. The lag issues. There are several issues, I'm having on the same FFA german servers. For instance, when going for a weapon, it sometimes indicates on the HUD and by sound that I've picked it up, and actually I didn't (happens to armor and other items as well). This issue, when combined with the the weapon switch issue I mentioned, leads to too much confusion and frustration sometimes. The other one is the position correction. Whenever I've been shot at with rockets, and the rocket misses me, the game sosmetimes violenly drags me back to the spot where we missed each other and calculates, a full hit. Also when I'm shooting the rockets often go between the legs of mu opponent (small jump in the spot) and it misses him completely. LG and plasma are unusable cause they somehow distort around the target (left or right) and even if I'm a few inches away it doesn't hit, even if graphically lg dot snaps to the target (no sound on hit). This happens if the target lags or me nevertheless.

5. A question. Is there a way to secure a range ports and minimum down/up speed on my router from my side to be reserved just for quake? I have a few other computers using wifi to my adsl adapter to go check facebook, and sometimes youtube (parents and sister). I think my 4,5 Mbit/s is enough for everyone to be happy.