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Thread: How to Revive QL!!

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    How to Revive QL!!

    -PLEASE MOVE TO GENERAL (not suggestions as this isn't currently aimed so directly at ID)

    The largest problem here is educating everyone as a lot of people with standard accounts won't think to add people hosting servers, nor is it easy (compared to other online gaming platforms). Anyway, here goes.

    Pro Members:

    1. Download QLprism and make sure 'Auto-invite' script is enabled

    2. Get a Wealthy friends list with Pro, Prem and Standard Accounts.

    3. Create your IDEAL server, with the maps and gametype you want and/or think people want to play.

    4. Go AFK and ADVERTISE YOUR SERVER (I dont know how we should do this, maybe via a thread, maybe in our profile biographies or another idea is by setting up a clan with a name to reflect this purpose, ie: TDM Games)

    Standard Members:

    See a Premium server you like the look of? Add the person hosting it, their name should be the title of the server, once accepted, send them a message saying 'invite' and you should receive one.

    Premium Members:

    You're a commitment phobe

    JK, I just didn't see the point in premium with the way things are.. however with these steps we can make premium a whole lot more appealing because the hassle of friending and getting invites isn't there.

    Please criticise constructively or otherwise, I'm sitting here feeling like I am Neo, the one, with the answer to everybody's nightmare so if this idea falls short, I'd love to know where.

    GL HF

    Yeah ID could just change it and give it all to us on a platter (which given this games age they probably should) but if we do things this way we'll create a much more admirable, personable and friendly community.

    Owait.. maybe ClanArena considering ID completely blew off the whole casual TDM scene, forgot about that -_-

    I've spawned a pro TDM server open to standard members to see if it actually populates.
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