Hello, Quakers!

Some time ago I've decided to work on some cool project for my portfolio. Since I'm Quake fan, I choose to redesign existing QL website. My objective was to improve user experience, give better look and feel. I took 3 key pages - Match Browser, User Profile and Start a Match screens. There are a lot more, but I have some time limitations so I've decided to move with these 3 screens. The work still in progress, there are some inconsistency, but I can't wait to share it with QL community in order to get valuable feedback

Here is the list of improvements:
  • New look and feel. Dark, modern, clean
  • Improved match browser.
    1. Smaller thumbnails, 4 items in row
    2. Color codes for better skill level indication
    3. Multichoice filters, player can specify several criteria, for example you can filter matches to display only for DE and UK locations
  • Improved friends list area
    1. Now it has "Invitations" tab just to keep all important invites. In the current versions it's really easy to miss match invite since these are displayed as regular chat messages
    2. Multiple floating chat windows (inspired by GMail and Facebook)
  • Better visibility and more control over your own servers, players can see the all the match details available in regular match browser plus controls to join and stop server.
  • Improved "Start a Match" screen. When the server is starting, the entire website is not blocked by modal window, so you can browse it without any interuptions

So, enough talking, here is the link - http://pk69.com/projects/qlr/