Hi there, just wana know what the best enemy model is. I played against tankjr for a while but the problem is that it's to big(easy to spot but makes it difficult to shoot him). If one's a programmer one would understand the concept, but I'll try explain it. With tank jr, lets say u have a rg and your cursor is on his shoulder. when you shoot, your shot was on him, but yet it missed(did no damage). That is because the parts of the model cover extra parts which are outside the hit zone. So you can shoot him there, you technically got a good shot, it should have hit him, but it did no damage. Si tank jr is to big. I then went back to the default, which is the keel guy. The problem with him is that there rae parts of his body which are to small. Like you can aim next to his head(your cursor is definitely not on his head) and your shot will hit him and still do damage.

I hope you udnerstand what I'm trying to say. So it boils down to: What's the very best model(give me link to image on google, don't know the names) that represents the invisible " hit zone". So that when I shoot a guy on his toe I know that that shot will definitely hit and do damage. Not a model where I have to think" that shot might not hit even though my cursor is definitely on him".

Any help is appreciated