Time to get the ball rolling on this side of the pond since there seems to be a ton of action in Europe right now I dont think we need to be doing anything over there. Whats up here in N.A. you say? Gonna get all up in your face with some Toxicity. With three small rooms connected by a hallway that if you get stuck in it expect to get punished, this small Intermediate level of a map is very hard to gain control in once you have lost it!! So if you think you got what it takes to tip toe around the acid while burning your opponent feel free to sign on up.

This event starts at 19:00 EST, with check-in beginning at 18:00 EST. We will not be increasing the brackets anymore due to players being in school and/or working in the morning. The wait-listed players will be able to check in 15 min prior to closing.

I would prefer to see all matches played on private servers with passwords in order to not have any disruptions! Hope to see you all sign up!

Who: CSN
What: Duel - Double Elimination
When: 19:00 PST, 17 November 2012
Where: QuakeLive - North America Only
Why: Toxicity is the evolution of quake!

1st Place: $25.00 Winner takes all.

More info on this event and sign ups located here --> Event Info