A clan for stat-hungry instagib comunity - spawning ranked iFFA and iCTF servers! So far server is of standard level but if enough people show interest (read: send me friend invites) spawning premium servers shouldn't be a problem.

Ranked instagib server will show up among regular ffa and ctf servers, watch out for ]RNK[ tag in server name.Everyone is welcome to join. Would be nice to have more pro users spreading stats for insta comunity.

Other than ranked instagib, I also spawn regular, unranked iFFA and iCTF servers. Ofc, everyone is welcome there too. Only be aware that my unranked instagib server is a bit modified; faster reload time (750 compared to default 1500) plus railjumping is enabled. If you fancy a bit faster-paced insta, send me friend invite and let the games begin!

Same as ranked, this is also a standard level server. When more people show interest, setting up premium games won't be a problem.

Thank you for reading and see you online!