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Thread: QUAKE LIVE CUSTOM MAPS USE IDEA READ!!!!&Christmas Update Idea!!!!!!!!

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    Red face QUAKE LIVE CUSTOM MAPS USE IDEA READ!!!!&Christmas Update Idea!!!!!!!!

    Standart/Pro-Premium users should be able to - spawn an unranked server with custom maps, here you can download them - http://lvlworld.com/#c=m1&d=4%20Nov%202005&m=All ! In baseq3 folder there should be another folder named - Custom Maps, when standart you can have only one at a time and when you get bored you have to go to baseq3 delete the current one and put a new one, for premium and pro there should be 10 maps max. To start a server you go to Home>Practice>Custom Maps, when you press Custom Maps it shows you the maps you have and lets you choose one or if you are pro or premium to choose 10. There should be an Basic Settings button which lets you choose from 1-5 people(premium/pro only for standart 3+you max) and which weapons to start with, and there should be another premium/pro only button - Advanced Settings which lets you - Enable Cheats - ON/OFF, and lets you choose which cheats to be able to use and which not. And last but it had to be first the Gametypes button - There should be gametypes like - Hide N Seek with maps with hiding spots added by Quake Live, DeFrAG Mode with maps added by the Quake Live Team and every month the maps should change like it's a map pool, and an RANKED Custom Maps CTF/DUEL/CA CTF and CA - 2V2 Duel 1v1 with custom maps only spawnable by pro and premium players where you can have fun with your friends on maps never seen on Quake Live Before. Special christmas only gametype with award, a gametype spawned by the Devs which is one random player is Santa on a big map and there are 5 Houses with 5 players there is time limit of 3 minutes, The player who is Santa must look for the houses and when he finds them the one that was found by Santa should get an new Quake Live Christmas award! **** i got off topic! And the final gametype should be the one which i was talking from the start > Custom Maps With Enable Cheats and able to invite 1-5 friends and have some MORE fun! I know that nobody will read the whole thing and it wont be added to Quake Live, but who knows I had to share my idea, maybe someday we will see it in other Quake games or almost impossible in Quake Live. Btw the Santa gametype should be the update for christmas with the award, but NEVER FORGET WINTER'S EDGE FOR CHRISTMAS, NEVER! If someone readed the whole thing, good job you deserve a golden medal .
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    I have another idea for you - it's called "paragraphs".

    Medal, please.

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