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Thread: Dis-Functioning Function Keys

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    Dis-Functioning Function Keys

    OK, took a few months off recently and came back after a couple of updates...

    When 'exec'ing my config in game was noticing a lot of errors, so I ended up resetting my config to default in the 'Settings' / 'Game Settings' menu, then copying across the settings that I've modified to my preference from a backed-up .cfg. Line by line, and only the cvars that I need.

    I no longer get the error messages when 'exec'ing in game BUT...

    Whenever I press F4, F5 or F6 my guy does a little head bob.

    I can no longer properly bind to any of the function keys except F1, F2 and F3, which have the 'Vote Yes', 'Vote No' and 'readyup' bindings, working properly.

    ALSO, if I do bind to F4, "bind F4 "say DAMNIT!!!"" it doesn't work, instead 'saying' "DAMNIT!!!" when I press F6, complete with a little head bob.

    Same with binding to F7, actually binds to F10, without the head bob, (bobbing only happens on F4, F5 and F6, whether or not anything is bound to those keys).

    I've complained extensively about this in game and no-one else seems to be experiencing the issue.

    All other bindings seem to be fine.

    WT actual F(rag) is up with that yo?!?!
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