Now I know most of you hate CA for whatever valid reasons you might have. It however still is the most populated gamemode during some hours of the day.
And to those that enjoy an occasional CA game, I want to ask the following.

Should you always stick to your team, even if they do stupid things that get us all killed?

Here's the scenario:

I joined a CA game and my enemy was neatly organised, holding a single location on the map. My teammates just rushed in, and I went along knowing that I needed them in order to win. Of course you can imagine the spamming that was going on and the horrible slaughter of our team as the result.

So after 2 rounds I decided that it wasn't working very well and I attempted to pick the enemy off one by one. With some limited succes, I managed to kill a few enemies. But in the end I would be the last survivor on my team, and getting fragged shortly after.

And my teammates were rather annoyed, they thought I was camping because I was the last survivor in some rounds. Blamed me for not sticking together. And I would agree that sticking together usually results in better survival chances, but I find it annoying that they get mad at me for not jumping off a bridge with them.