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Thread: Looking for SKILLED clan.

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    Looking for SKILLED clan.

    Looking for SKILLED clan

    Hey guys, I'm looking for clan that clan can be also gaming, I'm a multiplayer, I play Quake,Counter-Strike and Battlefield put my main game is obv Quake. I'm a dueler and on the other side a lover of CA and CTF, I played TDM few times...
    I'm pretty much available, I can be online anytime you want if not we can find a solution, but I think it will happen only few times for special situations. I'm 15, from Poland but actually living in Spain, Mallorca. If your clan has to die after few days or weeks don't ask me to join please... My problem is only high ping, but I'm used to play on it.

    And btw here you go my fragmovies,few or single frags: - Fragmovie " Destiny - The movie " Single frag " air rocket by kryze " " Air Granade by kryze " " My best frag on dm17 " (My old nick "Krisso"), Fragmovie " Krisso PsychicFRAG " (My old nick "Glidix") Fragmovie " Quakelive - Glidix Fragmovie "
    And you can find more..
    Btw, I'm one of the two founders of (PP), but for my skill and problems with the connection in those times I couldn't keep playing with them and I had to leave them and leave the clan to Kersi.
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