After using the admin stuff in servers there are some server admin command flaws that require updating and overhauling.


1. /kickban
= kick + ban, pointless if you just want to kick someone to just get attention or being mildly disruptive without the aggressive need to ban them.

/kickban <player ID#> <length of ban in minutes #>

/kickban 3 60
= kicks and bans player ID 3 for an hour

2. /kick <player ID#>
= plain and simple kick + no banning.

3. /callvote kick 2 /callvote map x
= Admin voting on a regular player's vote isn't a democratic vote, its an overruling which is counter productive and dictatorial.
It should work as follows : a player starts a vote and an admin chooses yes or no and it will not be a final decision. (unless of course there are only 2 players eligible to vote!)
For an admin to override voting then he must press the same vote 3 times in a row.
F1 F1 F1 - it should also be displayed/broadcast to ALL players that the admin has overruled the vote.
An admin starts a vote and it is completed with the other players as normal, which is what SHOULD happen when a regular player starts a vote also.

Why does an admin have to wait 10 seconds on a map reload to administer an authoritative vote?

Apologies for any confusion given.