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Thread: Longest Yard Duel Tournament

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    Longest Yard Duel Tournament

    Longest Yard
    Title: Best Longest Yard Player in EU
    Prizes: Glory, Honor and Fun
    Date and Time: November 25th, 13:00 CET
    Number of Entrants: 8 actual, 4 reserve
    Sign-up: Post it with your own account in this thread
    IRC Channel: #FiDestiny
    Structure: Cup Stage
    Server Hosts: 1

    Top, high, mid and low seeds will be determined by Elo alone. The seeds are then randomly distributed into the cup stage brackets.

    Cup Stage
    Single elimination. Best of three in quarter, semi and final.

    Server Locations (All EU)
    DEU, Frankfurt
    NLD, Amsterdam
    GBR, Maidenhead
    FRA, Paris
    POL, Warsaw
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