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Thread: high pings

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    Member CCVendetta666 is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2011
    From Germany:
    2 different providers (DSL & Cable )
    Lags and higher pings since 2 weeks.

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    NZ playing on Aussie servers, I used to have pings 75-80, now it seems to bee 100-140 (even up to 160)

    Was never that great but I need to learn to play again because of it, my average accuracy has dropped from 20-25% on insta to 10ish%

    Frustrating, almost can't be bothered playing at the moment, can't hit a damn thing, get slaughtered, get angry and play worse because of the anger in a vicious cycle.

    It's like playing on dial-up again, whole play style has to drastically change.

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