So the title of the thread needs to be answered:

What in the world happened to Quake Live?

I have been gone the past 6-7 months from the game, taking a break and playing other online games at the moment. But I haven't been REALLY follwing the QL community in a while. I REALLY don't mean to sound like I'm trolling here, I really don't, but heres a list of what I see different:
  • Absolutely no CTF pub games?
  • Almost all servers are empty in America?
  • Can't even vote a map?
  • 30 second video ads?
  • No automatic renewal on premim/pro memberships?(I just noticed this happened to my account)
  • Can't even duel without Premium/Pro accounts?
  • Everything seems to be, gone.

If you guys can answer this question for me, THAT WOULD BE GREAT

If not, well, cheers,