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Thread: Looking for US duel partners

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    Junior Member perfexion is on a distinguished road
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    Looking for US duel partners

    Hi Im looking for duelers in north america, preferrably central time zone but i can play anywhere. I am upper tier 3 and ocassionally get tier 4. Im looking for people with an elo of 1250-1500 with a good attitude. Please send me an invite if this is the case.

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    Senior Member CoolMike is on a distinguished road
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    Feb 2012
    New Hampshire, USA
    If I forget to send you an invite again you should just send me one. I will happily play on Chicago servers although I prefer NY or VA.

    I have a pro account and will spawn a server for a few games. My elo hovers around 1200, but I think mostly becuase I have been playing my much better dueling friends a lot.

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