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Thread: Looking for beginner duel partner US east.

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    Senior Member MexicanPadre is on a distinguished road
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    Jul 2011
    Woah where did you go? add me if you want, unless you're still mad at me.

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    Junior Member enzo4567 is on a distinguished road
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    Oct 2012
    I could duel you
    You could say I'm inexperienced with dueling
    I've only played one duel
    I have watched a lot of demos on YouTube of cypher,demon,cooller and of course sk rapha
    Trying to understand strategy choice and positioning
    All I can tell you I'm good at counter strike, half life 2 death match, insurgency, tribes and team fortress 2
    I've just started getting more in to quake and I love this game it's so fun and difficult ( I like difficult games)
    I'm very accurate (not always) but I've never tried dueling, I have been mostly playing Ctf and ffa
    I'm beast at free for all
    I would love to practice duelling with you
    I can give you tips for accuracy
    You can add me as a friend on quake
    Good luck finding players
    I'm Enzo4567
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    Add me, I'm low tier. I'm in Canada-East

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