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Plasma climbing the center wall in Fatal Instinct is actually a problem.

As the infected we tried to jump on eachother's heads to get into the middle wall, but we kept getting shot down!

It was pretty funny to watch though. Classic braindead zombie stuff.
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I'm sure plasma climbing is not possible on infected (no self knock-back). The survivors probably got there by jumping on eachother's heads, like you tried to.
Yeah, this. :P

As for a suggestion, in my opinion, camping is way too easy a tactic. In a normal round, a person is able to score 15 points just by avoiding all contact. Then, if they can get frags, they get those additional points. Due to this, it's almost better to just avoid all the infected and just camp it out. Someone that goes and actually plays the game will usually end up with less points than those who camp, which in my opinion is bad to support. The player that goes 21-6 should beat the player that goes 8-10, but in the game I played, this wasn't the case.