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Thread: Where are the Swedish servers?

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    Junior Member Blaqua is on a distinguished road
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    I want my money back, i can't play these another servers too high ping....

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    Junior Member sCaz is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tw1X_ View Post
    Not only did the Swedish servers go offline (for whatever reason it is bad anyway, then no information will be distributed to us), we can not choose among the maps available, but we are being forced to play worthless maps which we do not want. The whole thing with the pro/premium is to have the ability to choice any maps/settings etc and more options and features. It is not what we get, but we have restrictions and limitations.

    I do not care about the money, I donīt, I could easily pay 500/1000SEK per year, but as it is in the current situation I do not want to directly support QL as it looks today. Things can happen, things can break it's okay, but when you want to have information on this, whether it is the same as before but then you have still got a sign of responsible care and try to resolve this. You can not go out with too much information or too little information, but not to give any info at all is just frustrating.

    Give us back our freedom of choice of PRO/prem accounts and if the Swedish servers will not be up within a month or so, you should have a plan on something temporarily to remedy this. There are several enthusiasts, like my self. Im really passionate about Quake and has been so since its inception in 1996, although not all sequels have held up (q4 example
    I agree. As I said, this is like the last FPS of it's kind if you don't want to buy an xbox and go all lard-ass-1337-cheese-doodelish-cool-fps-pro-sofa-gamer. It should be cared for. The thing is not really the offline time, it is the freaking lack of official information in the style of; "We are trying to resolve this with DreamHack, otherwise we will have to look for another provider. We will keep you updated on the status once every one or two days even though it might be that we don't have any new status.."


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    Junior Member Sylt is on a distinguished road
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    Where are the swedish servers?

    Anyone know if they will comeback anytime soon?

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    Junior Member sleggo is on a distinguished road
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    Junior Member InnardsDecay is on a distinguished road InnardsDecay's Avatar
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    Karlstad, Sweden
    I've actually look into what a server might cost.
    I'm getting so frustrated that I, just for a while, considered buying a server of my own.
    But they're too expensive and I'm planning to make a pc build in one year, I'm gonna buy a guitar and then maybe I will buy a bass.
    Considering I'm unemployed, that's too much spending allready.

    But man. If QL wants us to subscribe, then they should take our effort to keep this game alive seriosly.
    I didn't buy a pro account to play on german servers.

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    Junior Member tzael is on a distinguished road
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    May 2011
    Mail me at fammelton gmail if you want to join a private quake 3 osp ca server located in Stockholm - lets visit our old friend until they sort the problems out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tzael View Post
    Mail me at fammelton gmail if you want to join a private quake 3 osp ca server located in Stockholm - lets visit our old friend until they sort the problems out!
    Sounds great! do you play vanilla or CPM?

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    Really hope you will get the swedish servers up and running again. The only server for finnish people to get less than 55 ping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irrbloss View Post
    Sounds great! do you play vanilla or CPM?
    I was thinking vanilla... but doesn't seem to be that many interested, shame :/

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    Junior Member dekket is on a distinguished road
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    The lack of input from the people responsible for QL is astounding...
    A server is like, what... 60-80k SEK? Not a big deal compared to losing every single prem/pro subscriber in this hemisphere. Me included. That figure is for an off-the-shelf server with 32GB RAM, 4x120GB SSD and plenty of processors to run 20 virtual servers at once. It would be sad if the crew behind QL can't make that work.

    This whole situation is even more unacceptable now that non-subscribers can't even join all maps. First you launch a programme to get people to pay, only to rid this hemisphere of the strongest selling point?

    It wouldn't be so bad if only the crew would respond!

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