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Thread: NFCTD - Clan for finding Infected games

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    Cool NFCTD - Clan for finding Infected games

    Made a clan for finding infected games. It's a new variation of Red Rover. If you haven't seen it, this VOD might give a good idea:

    So. Everyone are welcome, just ask for an invitation and add some people as friends. Will try to keep a list of the players with PRO account so you can add them to get into the games easily.

    Got IRC channel if anyone interested: #NFCTD @Quakenet - webchat:

    All PRO players are ranked Veteran or higher.

    Players with PRO in EU:
    sixerss (PQL)

    No camp settings for Infected from:
    Will also store settings to be tested there.

    Current settings for viewing to non PRO account owners:
    Videos, VODs and stuff
    Already mentioned at start of thread:
    Trying out different settings:
    10 games with 2 different settings
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