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Thread: QLPP14 Site Update - October 23, 2012

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    Member str00 is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phlogiston View Post
    2pts for killing infected
    1pt for killing a survivor
    Would be better if that is other way around... Also 3 points for killing the mastermind is quite a few since you get more points for killing 2 infected players, which isn't too hard.

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    Senior Member DeeDoubleU will become famous soon enough DeeDoubleU's Avatar
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    Agree. 2pt for killing a survivor sounds right.
    Must admit I have more fun playing infected, than surviving.
    Real life? Life is real?!

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    Member Cranky_Gamer is on a distinguished road
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    Just played a few rounds of infection and had a great laugh with it. Just got a few suggestions:

    1. Make the Mastermind a player, not a bot.
    2. When a round is over have all the infected automatically cheer.
    3. Change the music to "Monster Mash".

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    Junior Member diecil is on a distinguished road
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    Servers are sucking bad , why?
    Games are not beying saved
    they stay still for 4 minuts and after they disconnect
    u need to reconnect everytime because it times out

    this suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    new update tonight mofos

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    Junior Member Cardinal_QWCA is on a distinguished road
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    Infected is absolutely hilarious. I don't know the last time I laughed that hard playing Quake.

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    Senior Member danstar will become famous soon enough danstar's Avatar
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    with the new awards im sure ql will last forever.

    if krailed wouldnt have deleted or renewed his stats the first year ql was alive, he would already be a time traveller =)

    lets hope for many more years of ql and some improvements on both ends (not just the recieving one in terms of cash).

    u better do something about the 6 maps for ctf per month.. its ridiculous and ur killing off the finest team mode (imo) at a drastic speed.


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