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Thread: QLPP14 Site Update - October 23, 2012

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    QLPP14 Site Update - October 23, 2012

    QUAKE LIVE's Premium Pak 14, is now online. This update adds new Holiday content, including the Infected gametype modifier, which is also freely available for all players through Halloween as well as permanently available for our Pro Start-a-Match users. Accompanied with the update is the addition of five new arenas, including a brand new Duel arena making it's debut and three highly acclaimed Maverick Server Mapping contest winners.

    New Red Rover Gamemode Variant
    • Infected
    Infected is based off of Red Rover, but instead of swapping teams, you're running away from the infected horde. The Infected Mastermind, the deadly source of the infection spawns in the arena with a Plasma Gun. All players start out as survivors, armed with only their trusty Shotgun, and Machine Gun, and have to survive as long as they can. Once fragged, players will respawn as one of the Infected, who are quicker than the survivors, but only carry an Instagib Gauntlet.
    Premium Arenas Added
    • Corrosion (TEAM):
    By Tom 'Phantazm11' Perryman, Corrosion is the 2nd place prize winner of the Summer 2010 Quake 3 Maverick Mapping Contest, and was built for Domination and Team Deathmatch matches. The arena is set in an old water treatment plant. Pipes, moving machinery, industrial fans, hanging wires, and concrete culverts were utilized to bring the theme to life.
    • Fluorescent (CTF):
    By Ferdinand 'cityy' List, Fluorescent is the 1st place prize winner of the Summer 2011 Quake 3 Maverick Mapping Contest. A Capture the Flag arena, Fluorescent's notable feature is the fluorescent lights throughout the bases. A unique look for a QUAKE LIVE arena, and a blast to play!
    • Silent Fright (TEAM):
    Holiday variant of Overlord, designed for Red Rover: Infected. Overlord has been taken over by the Infected horde. They've also done some terraforming, with some extra paths to try and cut off those pesky survivors, and a graveyard replacing where the other base once was. In addition to Infected, Overlord is great for large FFA matches. Silent Fright will also be available in the Standard arena cycle for the remainder of the cycle.
    • Sinister (DUEL):
    Making its debut, Sinister is a brand new arena by Mike 'Yellack' Schreiber and Gary 'akm' Turner (creators of Purgatory and Limbus). In Sinister, verticality is key, as there is ample opportunity to quite literally get the jump on your opponent. With relatively wide open areas, you'll have plenty of opportunity to test your rail skills.
    • Terminatria (DUEL):
    By Russell 'bst' Vint, Terminatria is the 3rd place prize winner of the Summer 2011 Quake 3 Maverick Mapping Contest. Set in an abandoned space station orbiting around Mars, Terminatria is a Duel map that will send players running through teleporters and curved hallways to control the items. Even though Terminatria is set in space, there's no worry about falling into the void, as the arena is enclosed.
    Premium Awards Added

    Added 22 new awards, including
    • 16 Premium Awards
    • 5 Trophy Case Awards
    • 1 Holiday Award.

    Game Updates

    Changes & Additions:
    • Added the ability to disable the Post-Match Arena Voting and Callvote Ruleset in Start-a-Match.
    • Server owners and operators may now issue callvotes, even when public callvoting is disabled on their server.
    • New Weapon Selection Code will now spawn you with a better starting weapon, if one is present in your inventory. Subscribers may customize their preference list of which weapons they would wish to spawn with using the new cvar, cg_preferredStartingWeapons. The cvar accepts a space-delimited list of both weapon numbers or weapon abbreviations. (Ex: cg_preferredStartingWeapons "rl lg rg sg pg mg gl g")
    • Duel players now have 2 minutes to ready up, once one of the players is marked as ready. Failing to ready-up will move you out of the Duel Play Queue, making room for a new opponent to challenge. This feature, and its time duration is customizable in Start-a-Match.
    • The timeout pause length now defaults to 60 seconds (increased from 30s).
    • Added the ability to set a "Protected Spawn Time" in Start-a-Match for Freeze Tag. Players who are fragged within this amount of time from their spawn due to a poor spawn location, will be fragged and immediately respawn to a new location rather than becoming frozen.
    • The PQL ruleset no longer has a custom WalkFriction (it will now use the default 6 intead of 7, which means circle jumps will gain more speed).
    • Added new options for simpleitems, including bobbing simpleitems via cg_simpleItemsBob <0-2>, a height offset with cg_simpleItemsHeightOffset, and a slightly larger max simpleItemRadius (22->24).

    Resolved Issues:
    • Fixed 'Most Accurate' Premium Scoreboard award in Clan Arena (it would display the incorrect player name).
    • HUD scorebox correctly increments after earning CA Damage, RR Damage, or Infected Survivor Score Bonuses.
    • Fixed Round Draw in Red Rover, it was broken/missing from all RR variants.
    • Fixed Red Rover's forfeit conditions.
    • Fixed popping sound at the beginning and end of the armor pickup sound effect

    Arenas Updated
    • Fatal Instinct - Fixed leak, and did a major cleanup pass.
    • Courtyard - HOM fixed in Mega Health room.
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